A Live Action Roleplaying Game

Musketeers, the fourth event: April 13th-15th 2018

Our fourth event is again at Kiwanis Lodge, at Huia, in Auckland on the weekend of April 13th-15th, and we're inviting players and crew to come buckle their swash with us.

Our weekend will run from 8pm on Friday night until 12:30pm on Sunday. At 12:30pm we begin clean up and anticipate vacating the venue by no later than 2:30pm. The event is catered, though participants are encouraged to bring their favourite energy snacks/drinks.

The rulebook and game guide (one document) can be downloaded from the main page of this website. Players and crew are both encouraged to become familiar with this document. For players, it also includes how to create your character. Players are asked to follow the character sheet guidelines in creating their character, then to share the character sheet via Google Drive with Musketeer GM email:

All logistical information and updates for the game will be updated to this page, as well as communicated over Facebook and email as appropriate.

Provisional Costs for Game 4

Full Weekend: Players - $130 before discount; Crew - $65 before discounts

Day Trip (Saturday only): Players - $80 day-trip (no discounts apply); Crew - $35 day-trip (no discounts apply)

Discounts: There are two discounts available. There is a $10 discount for both players and crew if you are an nzLARPS member. For crew, there is also a $10 discount if payment is made before March 8th. There is no early bird discount for players. These discounts stack.

Ticketing Fees: Because of the external ticketing service we are using, there is a ticketing fee involved. This is approximately 5.5% of ticket price, plus 49c.

Restriction on spaces: Initially, we will not be accepting new player characters. From January 26th to February 26th, player registrations will be restricted to returning characters. All returning characters will have a space held for them for a month. After February 26th, we may, at our discretion, release a limited number of new player spaces. There will be 45 crew spaces sold as normal.

What will happen next in Paris?

Cardinal Richelieu is dead. The Red Guard and the Musketeers have been disbanded. The de Medici family and the Duke of Buckingham have entered an unlikely alliance. The English 'Black Guard', led by the Earl of Stratford, patrol the streets in plentiful numbers. They guard the palace, keeping King Louis isolated from enemies and friends alike. Queen Anne rules France in all but name, with her ally, Oliver Cromwell. In the gutters, the very soul of Paris has been ripped away, and even Charon's court cannot protect the common folk from the increasing disappearances.

Darkness has permeated Paris. Will she ever be returned to her former glory?

Returning players: Your stats and player groups

Since we have released a rules addendum, we are alllowing players to swap one previously bought skill for one of the newly available ones. We are removing Appraise from the game, characters who have Appraise may replace it with a skill from the original list. We will ask you to fill in a Google form updating your skills after tickets go on sale. Your mechanical build must be submitted by March 1st.

Each player must choose one of these primary player groups, and may choose a secondary player group if it suits the character. Primary groups are the ones where you will be chiefly getting your weekend’s activities from. If you are pretending to work for one group but are actually working for another group, put the group you are appearing to work for as your primary and your actual allegiance as your secondary. Some groups are only available as a secondary group.

Primary Player Groups

  • Queen Anne (Queen Anne’s Court): For those who have pledged their loyalty to the Queen, the undisputed power in the French court at the moment, and enjoy a privileged position at court.
  • Captain Treville (Captain Treville’s Brown Cloaks): In the shadows of Paris, there are still those who fight for the ideals of the disbanded musketeers - King and country!
  • Duke of Buckingham (Buckingham’s Red Guard): Cardinal Richelieu has passed the torch to the Duke of Buckingham, and the flamboyant Englishman is leading the crusade against the unholy threats in Paris.
  • Jennifer (Jennifer’s Round Table): Through the mists of time, legends are reaching for the present. Jennifer is the leader of those who fight for England’s restoration.
  • Charon (Charon’s Court of Miracles): Paris is in chains, and Black Charlie sits in Charon’s throne. While the toffs battle it out for the court, Charon and his people fight to keep Paris safe for the common folk.
  • Marie de Medici (Marie’s Famillia): The Queen Mother has successfully consolidated her position at court, and those courtiers that have not found favour with the Queen are often found under Marie’s aegis.
  • The Healer’s Guild / University (The Apprentices): There’s no time for innovation like a war! Science and medicine are improving in leaps and bounds!

Secondary Player Groups
All the groups above are available as a secondary group. The following two groups can be chosen as a secondary group:

  • King Louis (King Louis’ Loyalists): In your heart of hearts, your loyalty lies with King Louis, and you are ready to act for him, no matter how dangerous.
  • Simone Dumas: Madame Dumas worked closely with Cardinal Richelieu before his death and knows more of his secrets than any alive. His death has left her a target - and a trove of information.

Returning players: what we need from your character update.

Please limit your update to 500 words or less.

We want to do our best to ensure your character's experience is a cohesive story line with no weird continuity blips but we need your help to make it happen: you provide our omniscience!

Your character update should include any important events that happened to your character, and specifically, any major changes in goals/priorities/personality, especially what their primary goals are right now, and how they have reacted to the revelations and events of game three. It's also a good idea to let us know about any items you ended up with and any arrangements/bargains you arranged especially with the crew, but also anything of significance between PCs. We encourage you to update the question section of your character sheet as well, but to do so in a different colour so we know that something has changed for your character.

We would also encourage you, as part of your update, to include up to three things your character is investigating or really wants to find out. It helps us to write a game if we know what mysteries your characters are interested in exploring

We'll need your updated character sheet by absolutely no later than March 1st, but preferably sooner. Any updates after that are not going to be incorporated into our story for the weekend.

Information for Crew

We value our crew very much and we want to make sure we provide as great an experience for you as we do for our players. Before this next game, we'll be running two events specifically for crew. One will be a general workshop open to all and will focus on crewing 'soft skills' - a chance to talk about great crewing skills, what GMs are after, and how to have fun and make memorable moments for players. The second will be a meeting specifically for crew who are registered for the next musketeers game, and will be approximately two weeks before the weekend: we'll go over the plot of the weekend, and answer any questions you have.

We try to provide costume for our crew but our resources are limited. We have a budget, however, and really value crew (and players) who are willing to turn materials into costumes for the gear library. Email us to find out what we need and how you can help.

We have a crew Facebook group where we socialise, talk about the game and answer each others' questions. It's a friendly place and if you've signed up as crew, make sure you get yourself added and meet the team. Thank you for signing on to crew - we literally could not do this without you.


All information about the menu and catering, including who our catering team will be, will be posted here as soon as it is confirmed. We apologise for the delay in making this information available, our regular head of catering is unavailable and we are seeking a replacement.

MEAL SPACE:The hall in the camp is not big enough for everyone. It's barely big enough for one third of everyone. Just like last time, we're going to need to work together to make sure everyone is able to get fed in a timely manner. The tavern keeper will be helping move people through, please respect their wishes if they remind you to move on once you've finished your meal. Not every character is going to be eating in the tavern in character, for noble characters and others who wouldn't be caught dead slumming it, we ask that you "pretend you're your own servant", get your food and take it to back to your social class's in character area, your bunk room, or a nice spot on the grass to enjoy.

CUTLERY AND DISHES: Everybody will need to bring their own feasting gear to the event, and wash it promptly after every meal, and put it away. We're pressed for space this game, so we really appreciate everyone pulling together to get food remains cleared away. If you leave dirty dishes lying around, we're going to throw them out (please don't let it come to this.) Make sure you clean up food and garbage after yourself as well, last time the IC tavern employees spent a lot of time taking care of this, and it’s not fair on them - remove your own rubbish. The vast majority of attendees are experienced larpers so we know you're all responsible folks who know how to quickly, considerately and hygienically get through meals and leave the play area clean and ready to continue the story.

The tavern is an IC roleplaying during the whole event and isn’t appropriate for OOC socialisation.

Accommodation and Post-Game Cleanup

The game will take place across two venues: Kiwanis Huia Lodge and Huia Lodge (the two camps are across the road from each other). There are 24 beds at the smaller camp ('the crew camp') and 50 beds at the larger camp ('the main camp'). Additionally, we'll spaces for approximately three large bell tents and four smaller tents. Those who are wanting to set up a bell tent are asked to accommodate at least two, preferably more, people in order to maximise space.

At 7pm on March 9th, everyone who registered in the early bird period will be sent the accommodation spreadsheet. As perk of paying early, you get first dibs on where you sleep.

As part of selecting your accommodation, you will also have to go through the Post-Game Duties spreadsheet, and put your name next to a post-game task that you are committing to completing. This is mandatory, and it is to ensure that clean up work is evenly distributed across everyone, and that we know ahead of time we have people for the key jobs. There is also a voluntary pre-game help spreadsheet for anyone who is getting to the venue early on the Friday and can help us out with some set up. At 7pm on March 9th, all registered participants will be contacted via Eventbrite email to choose their bunk space at the camp. This will be done through a shared spreadsheet. Regardless of whether you are staying on site or not, you need to view the spreadsheet and move your name from the list to the corresponding accommodation choice (even if it is 'Offsite'). Accommodation will be finalised April 1st.

We are looking for three people (one for the crew camp, two for the main camp) to volunteer to help out on the afternoon on the Friday of the game, to help direct people to their correct beds.


Everyone was really responsible in the previous games, so we’re going to continue with our alcohol policy from last time: Don’t be a dick. This means: we’re fine with people have a drink or two with dinner, and a few quiet drinks while socialising after play winds down for the evening, but we don’t want to see anyone drunk, injured, forcing others to look after them or too hungover to get up the next morning and make the most of the game. As a community we’ve had this conversation a lot, so we all know exactly what kind of behaviour is unacceptable. A couple of social drinks with food are good, and we’re drawing the line there. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to make more rules for next time, and that’s exactly zero fun for everyone. We don’t like to be the fun police but dealing with the real police is even less fun.

Alcohol and drinking are a part of the setting, so *by all means* drink lots of fake-alcohol, and be fake-drunk. (And if you’re acting drunk, please consider it a compliment to your roleplaying if someone checks on your inebriation, rather than a slight on your person!)

Illegal drugs of any kind, including marijuana, are not allowed at the event or on site. Having it present puts at us risk of losing the venue. Our event is bound by New Zealand law (and the NZLARPS Code of Conduct, which includes obeying all NZ laws), therefore we ask attendees to refrain from using any at the event.

We’re glad we had this conversation! Thanks for helping us maintain an environment where everyone feels safe.

First Aid and Wellbeing

We have a fantastic wellbeing team and a fantastic first aid tem. At the Friday night briefing, the first aid team will be introduced to everyone, followed by the wellbeing team. There will also be posters for both teams dotted around the camp. The first aid team is whom you approach if you have a physical injury or illness that needs medical attention. The wellbeing team is for those times when something happens at the game - in or out of character - that makes you unhappy, uncomfortable, or generally does not sit well. This can be someone making an inappropriate comment, touching you when you don't want to be touched, game content that affects you unexpectedly, bullying: anything that affects your welfare. Our wellbeing team is there to listen to you, and to take action if it's possible to do so. They're here to help us, and you, make the game a safe environment for all.

Playing Space

There will be a change in how the camp is divided up and which player groups are allocated which space. This will be announced closer to the time, when we have an idea of how many people each group has.


There is limited parking space at the venue, and we ask that people squish up as much as possible so we can get everyone out to the venue and into a carpark. We will post details from our carpool coordinator about a month before the game.