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About Musketeers

The one absolute truth about larp is that it is many different things to many different people; styles of game and game play that suit some players don’t suit others. This page hopes to set expectation of what the Musketeers game will be like.


Somewhere in a place bit like Paris, 1625. The kings and queens of France, England and Spain are all younger than 25 years of age and wield tremendous political power. Diplomats, spies and assassins travel between royal courts negotiating weddings, alliances and secret treaties.

France has twenty million subjects and is ruled by King Louis XIII and his Queen, Anne of Austria. The political power of the country lies with first statesman Cardinal Richelieu, the leader of the French Catholic Church.

Europe is seven years into the Thirty Year’s War; a brutal religious conflict that will eventually claim eight million casualties. The Old Foe, England, has just lost James I, and is awaiting the coronation of his son, Charles I. The Spanish have the greatest navy the world has ever seen. The high seas are alive with pirates, privateers and merchants returning from the Americas overflowing with plunder.

This is the backdrop against which Musketeers started.

But now, Cardinal Richelieu is dead. The Red Guard and the Musketeers have been disbanded. The de Medici family and the Duke of Buckingham have entered an unlikely alliance. The English 'Black Guard', led by the Earl of Stratford, patrol the streets in plentiful numbers. They guard the palace, keeping King Louis isolated from enemies and friends alike. Queen Anne rules France in all but name, with her ally, Oliver Cromwell. In the gutters, the very soul of Paris has been ripped away, and even Charon's court cannot protect the common folk from the increasing disappearances.

Darkness has permeated Paris. Will she ever be returned to her former glory?

Who can participate?

We welcome larpers of all experience levels! You're welcome to attend as either player or crew, regardless of how much or how little previous larping experience you've had. If you're brand new, we'll do our best to help you with creating a character that will fit in well with the setting and the game, and our community of participants has always been helpful with getting new larpers kitted out for the event. If you've never fought before, that's no obstacle, just make a character that hasn't fought either and you can learn on the job! At the moment, our player character spaces are full, but follow the Facebook group to find out when we are accepting new characters.

Musketeers is a physical activity, and while all care will be taken to avoid injury, we aren't able to provide guarantees to any participants that they will not be injured. There is no total 'opt out' of combat - while some roles may be extremely unlikely to see combat, we are never going to be in a position to completely guarantee participants won't be struck. Safety, responsibility and care will be important in the game but those with pre-existing injuries or physical limitations will need to consider their attendance carefully.

Musketeers is largely an R16 event. The exception is one of the GMs bringing his two teenagers along. Parents may bring infants by arrangement with the GM team.

Style and Principles of Design

Musketeers is not a world building larp, it's a larp about people, and the stories of those people. The game is designed as PvE (Player versus Environment) game. PvP (Player versus Player) may occur, but it’s not something we’ll be striving to engineer. The game and plot will cover a wide variety of activities including: spying, thieving, politicking, puzzle solving, dancing, flirting, combat and hooks from character back stories. The actions of characters will drive and shape the story. We ask that everyone stay 'in genre' when creating their characters and backstories, and we will collaborate to bring them into our world. The relationship between the players and the game master team will strive be a creative collaboration. We hope you will trust us to deliver you an awesome story - even if it isn't what you might have imagined the story to be at first.

The game has a heavy focus on storytelling and 'rule of cool' role playing and less focus on rules and mechanics. Rules and mechanics will be used where they enhance the game. Combat will be simple and accessible to players of all real world abilities; characters will be able to accurately judge the strength of their opponents. Rules will change or evolve as the GMs react to player feedback, discard them and introduce new things.

The crew are an important part of Musketeers, and will be given interesting roles that allow ongoing character development, and to meaningfully interact with the players, and to influence their stories.

We welcome honest feedback about how we're doing. As always, we'll strive to hit a good balance between improving things for the players while staying true to the vision of the game.

Staying in Touch, and Social Media

All communication with the GM team should be through the email We’ll do our best to reply within a week. If, for some reason, we can’t answer your question in that time (maybe you've asked something tricky, or something we hadn't thought about), we’ll let you know there’s going to be a delay.

Musketeers has a social Facebook group for general chatter about the game however we, as the GM team, won’t be providing answers to questions, rules queries or any other sort of official 'GM call' anywhere on Facebook. This way, you'll never have to worry about missing out on anything 'important' by not following all the discussion threads.

We’re planning to be around on the Facebook group to chatter about the game and be part of the conversation with you all, we’re just restricting "official calls" to one place - the email, and your character sheets - because we’re human, fallible and odds are high we may forget what we said four months later.

Games and Between Games

The game is scheduled to run over three years, roughly between October 2016 and December 2019. We are aiming to run approximately 6 weekend games (Friday-Sunday), with some day games as required by the story. Most of these games will happen in Auckland. There is a chance we will try to run some games in Wellington, but this will be announced well in advance, and care will be taken to not disadvantage any players who are Auckland-based.

Musketeers will not have a between game "downtime" system for advancing plot or investigation between games. We want to keep the game happening at the game. While players are welcome to run in-character evenings to help them with character development and to keep the buzz going, as far as the GMs are concerned these events aren't canon and we won't be feeding plot to these kinds of events.

Players are encouraged, if they are wanting to do communication and roleplay between game, to write letters. As the mail system in France is fickle and there's a chance of your letter being intercepted, please make sure to CC the GM email on your letters. If you wish to communicate with an NPC, again ensure you CC the GM email.

We want players to step away from the game between events, play other games and do other cool things.

Being a Good Musketeer Citizen

    We're looking for honesty, integrity and excellence in game play. Have fun, but don't 'take the piss'. Make the game great for everyone around you - players and crew.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it's the same for running a larp. We appreciate our participants pitching in to assist with set-dressing, building, sewing, logistics, etc: all the little things that help the gears turn smoother. Your contribution will make a big difference.

    Please have a responsible attitude to drinking and care for fellow participants' well-being.

    We all have busy lives outside of Musketeers, and we ask our participants to understand and respect that we have families, jobs and interests outside of this project. We want to do our best for you, but we cannot be available 24/7.

    We have a code of conduct we ask all participants to adhere to. Download Code of Conduct.