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A swashbuckling larp of romance, espionage, and heroic adventure where fortune favours the bold


Welcome to Musketeers, a live action role playing game set somewhere a bit like Paris, France in 1625.

First time larpers are very welcome! Have a read of the information on the site, and hit "Contact" to find out how to get in touch

The next event, "The Three Musketeers", will be held on the weekend of September 15th-17th 2017, in Auckland.

Style of Game

Musketeers is a What You See Is What You Get style larp where characters have minimal on-paper skills.

Characters may know things that grant them knowledge or bonuses performing specific actions but generally a player must role play an action for a character to perform it. If you want to drag an unconscious body out of the fight, you need to drag the body. If you want to win a game of chess, you need to play a good game of chess. Game mechanics generally exist where performing the actual action may be impossible, undesirable or unwelcome; such as fighting, wounding, poisoning, healing and sex.

Combat will be live action. Thrust-safe weapons and rubberband guns will be allowed for this game.

The lack of game mechanics covering activities like sneaking, hiding, picking locks, disarming traps, code breaking and forging shouldn’t be interpreted that these won’t be a big part of the game. Characters will have opportunities to perform these activities in game; but they either don’t need mechanics to represent them or uncovering the mechanic will be part of the fun.


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